Sheepeasy started life helping smallholders' lives easier. Now our customers include farmers of sheep, alpacas and goats.

Managing our own livestock and smallholding was becoming a battle against back ache handling our sheep. So using my engineering background, I developed the SheepEasy Sheep Seat!

Ideal for foot trimming, foot care and drenching, the sheep are docile whilst you tend to them.

The Sheep Seat is available in three sizes and caters for all breeds of sheep. Our customers are no longer just sheep farmers and include people tending to goats and alpacas.

The covers are made from tough, heavy duty PVC, and frames made from strong 3mm wall 25 x 25 box steel.

The Sheep Seat is highly mobile and can be carried easily. They require a fence, hurdle or gate to hook onto during use.

How to use the sheep seat: